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Loan Modifications

A Loan Modification refers to a homeowner’s attempt to change one or more of the terms of their mortgage because of an inability to keep up with the current payments due to a job loss, illness, variable interest rate reset, or any number of circumstances that may end in the likelihood of a default on their loan. Successful loan modifications can result in temporary or permanent changes to the interest rate, term, monthly payment, or a principal reduction of the loan. Loan modifications require a legal representation, to make the lenders really willing to help you get real results.

Here is how a Modification Attorney can help you:
• Loan Modification Attorneys understand your requirement: A loan modification attorney knows how to talk to your lenders. Not only do we understand what the documents requirements are, but we are also trained in the right negotiation skills and techniques.
• Get the best Loan Modification Settlement: Do you want to be taken seriously by your lenders? Do you have professional help by your side? Banks and lenders are already equipped with the legal information, in order to get the best offer you need to know the complete process and legal information. We can get you a better offer than you would be able to negotiate.
• Right Contacts: A loan modification lawyer will have all the right connections with the major banks and lenders. A good track record of the attorney can help you get better offers, such as a lower interest rate or even principal balance reductions.
• Save time, effort and money: With professional help you don’t need to spend time and effort to learn the complex loan modification process. Our attorneys are well versed with the process.

The loan modification process is similar as going to court. Choice is yours whether you want to save money and get a lawyer appointed by the court or hire a professional lawyer to represent your case. Professional representation increases your chance of getting a much better settlement.

We understand the hardship that homeowners face while dealing with issues related to loan payments. It is where we assist you with a professional team of lawyers. Lenders do not make it easy for any homeowner. They will always work for favorable and satisfied loan terms. Many homeowners failed to reach a reasonable settlement of rates and terms with their lenders. Most are able to settle the forbearance agreement or short-term plan but rarely a long term reduction plan. That’s where we come as negotiators to help you in avoiding foreclosure and reduce all your financial stress.

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